Start Chicago dating bulletin board

Chicago dating bulletin board

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Here's how the sweetened drink tax would work: Before officially proposing the tax, sources claimed Precwinkle worked hard to drum up support from labor leaders upset after she reinstated a penny sales tax she campaigned against, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. cities have knocked around the idea of taxing sugary soft drinks with mixed results.

Other groups — such as those representing food-related businesses, as well as beverage bottlers and distributors — also are upset over the idea of taxing soft drinks. Earlier this year, Philadelphia's city council passed such a measure, and officials in Oakland, CA, are considering it.

ABDA: American, British and Dutch Administration, censor handstamp, WW II. Abgeschliffen: (Ger.) ground off, such as German South West Africa altered cancelers. Abidjan: French West Africa; 1959: March 21: stamp issue when colony became independent. Ablieferungbescheinigung: (Ger.) receipt for delivery. Abnormal perforations: may be caused by a bent pin in the perforating machine. Abono(s): (Sp.) marking on early covers indicating that postage was prepaid to destination. Above privilege number: handstamp applied to a letter disallowed under the franking system. 2: Advanced Base Post Office Abrechnung: (Ger.) settling of account. 4: aerophilately, a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. E.: (Fr.) "affairs étrangcres" foreign affairs, French Colony Revenue inscription. Afrique Orientale Italienne: (Fr.) Italian East Africa. AG: Antigua and Barbuda, country code as used by UPU. G.: Attorney General, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. Agata: (It., Sp.) type size in printing, agate (color). Airmail: 1: official: first official airmail flew on Feb. 2: inscription on stamps of many nations for mail carried by air. Air Mail Beacon: series of lights placed along air mail routes for safety and success of night flights; 1924. Color Separation: the process of preparing a separate drawing, engraving, or negative for each color required in the printing of a stamp. Harling Group: United Kingdom postal strike, local post, 1971. C., issued Confederate provisional adhesive and envelope. Harris index: research index of British Commonwealth books and journals; available from APRL; see: APRL.