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Chet rowland chet dating system

I'm not sure that if it were not for Kenny -- and his willingness to go the extra mile -- that we would have had the problem taken care of so quickly and completely. "I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your employee, Kenny.

(That's saying a LOT considering Tampa is one of the most competitive places on earth for termite and pest control). here's why this letter is so important to you: Until XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus came along, the most effective method to wipe out termites was to "tent" your home and fumigate it with a poisonous gas called I can provide you either method. But it's my duty to let you know the facts -- particularly when it comes to fumigating with Vikane. It soaks through the wood like water through a paper towel -- killing drywood termites without all the regular mess, fuss and drama. Kenny and his crew have set aside the next to do this.

Vikane (also known as sulfuryl fluoride) can be harmful -- even by Vikane... how it destroys ALL plant life it comes into contact with... the fear and worry about sulfuryl fluoride "residue" left inside homes... Maybe now you can understand why I the infested wood. It's like using a sniper rifle instead of a nuclear bomb. Reserve a space as soon as you can, as people who lock in a time slot are given top priority. The inspection is free, and any work we conduct carries a 100% money back guarantee.

No other person in Tampa has killed more termites, in more homes and businesses, than me.

at Chet's Termite and Pest Management has been highly trained through a rigorous 3 MONTH termite and pest control coaching "bootcamp". It's very intensive program that drills them on safety, material-handling, basic manners and etiquette. Of course I'd prefer if you'd use Chet's Termite and Pest Management. Here's how this generous guarantee works: If we treat your home for drywood termites and, over the course of one full year, you discover even ONE live drywood termite in the treated area...

I would not hesitate to recommend you to others." "You have a very customer oriented employee with Kenny.

It is a real pleasure to know that any problem we might be having is quickly and professionally addressed.

A member of my staff will get right back with you to confirm the appointment. Call my office right nowat 813-935-7554 or fill out the "Priority Appointment Form" and -- as part of my XT-2000 "product launch" -- you can now receive a FREE home inspection. "Being a new homeowner and with a new baby I immediately called Chet's with no hesitations.

Even if you're just curious, you should setup an appointment. If you call, tell the operator They'll take it all from there. There's no obligation and we'll allow you to choose a date and time that's most convenient for you. Slots are filling up and we're only doing this for the next P. Kenny is very knowledgeable and he taught me what to look for with regards to termites and carpenter ants. I feel very comfortable and safe in my house now and for my child's safety." "In the past, I'd hired Orkin.

Just want you to know that this kind of service makes all the difference." "We've been using your service for more than a year now. He has been very helpful in achieving control over our 'pesky neighbors.' Thanks again for the service...

and best of all NO BUGS." "I used Pestex 2 years ago, I was disappointed with their services, my house was tented for two different termites. In my opinion they received $1900.00 dollars for doing absolutely nothing.

Everyone we have ever come in contact with from Chet's has always been so friendly and informative and we truly appreciate that!