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Charlotte jackson dating

Besides sport she like singing and has been a backing vocalist for Tony Christie.

In 2009 Charlotte started dating British experimental filmmaker, author of film installations, and multimedia artist Chris Welsby and later split.

Details about their relationship are also not public.

This is supposedly where the romance between him and Charlotte started.

She likes horse-riding and boxing and competed in the event Catfight at the Hammersmith Palais in 2007.

Mother-of-two Radcliffe, who was put on the same team as Kate, said the duchess 'did well' in the race, even though she lost to her husband and brother-in-law.

She also shared how her own children, Isla, 10, and Raphael, six, are also competitive.

Where I come from in the centre of Swansea wouldn’t have been quite so romantic.” This couple has been very open about their relationship and has been spotted together on several occasions following their engagement, including a holiday to South Africa recently.