Start Cbs sportsline not updating

Cbs sportsline not updating

The app—which lets you pick which basketball teams you think will win March Madness, track your progress, and compare with friends—isn’t working properly. As some of you may know, A&M won their game today against BYU.

This is necessary for the the standard pick orders to work correctly. Click Print-Cheat Sheets to print the Individual Position Cheatsheets and the Top 200.

For the Schedule, if you do not know your fantasy schedule yet, either enter a temporary one, so that you get a feel for how the Game By Game works, or enter "Avg. Click Move Player on the Draft Status screen to move players to the team on the clock.

There is a lot of beer money at stake, not to mention that chance at $10,000 CBS Sports is offering to anyone whose picks end up in the top 10 percent.

But it is an even more serious issue for CBS Sports. This is the risk big brands take when they put an app on Facebook.

Setup and enter your league variables, team names, schedule, scoring system, pick order and tweak the projections if desired.

For the Team Names and Pick Order, make sure you enter the Team Names in the order that the teams draft in the first round. and give it a new name that corresponds to your league.

To solve this problem, you have to click here to re-install Flash again.

It is wise to also run the uninstaller per above to ensure the new build is clean.

To enable this feature check the Draft Other Teams by ADP on the File - Setup - General tab, and select the ADP Lists to use on the File - Setup - Team Names tab).

Tweaked: The Draft Summary so that it highlights the last selected player, instead of the last one in the list.

The Highlight Bar will default to the "Recommended" player based on team needs and VBD.