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Canadian dating show

While none of his past relationships have lasted, Chris has remained friends with all of his former girlfriends.

His ideal mate is someone who is loyal, ambitious and creative. Occupation: Multimedia Content Producer Standing tall at a jaw-dropping 6’8”, Kyle is an imposing figure, but this self-employed multimedia producer is a softie at heart, especially when it comes to cats.

Andrew’s ready to bring the right girl home to meet his tight-knit family, including his identical twin brother. Occupation: Carpenter Scott describes himself as funny, smart and honest, but he admits he may initially come across as shy and quiet before he gets to know someone.

The 27-year-old carpenter (and part-time model) is ready to step outside his comfort zone in hopes of meeting someone who is fun, easygoing and adventurous.

The only thing missing is someone to share it with.