Start Are robert patterson and kristen stewart dating

Are robert patterson and kristen stewart dating

Obviously, Kristen knows that Rob has a serious girlfriend and I’m sure it breaks her heart, especially considering that she waited almost two years for him. But even with that situation being as precarious as it is, it’s pretty obvious that Rob is still having a tough time making a clean break from Kristen.

No matter what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do, the Twi-hards always manage to find their silver lining.

Seeing Robert and Kristen dating again like in the Twilight era is never going to happen.

At over £2k it is of course a rather pricey 'basic' piece, but of course being an ambassador for the brand means you likely get rather a lot of free clothing. Kristen stuck to her grungy style mantra on the magazine cover with messy hair and dressed all in black and it certainly suits her.

We've got a slew of photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together.

Chanel of course isn't available online, but click right to check out the website, or head to stores to bag yourself the dress.

But if you're feeling a little priced out (we don't blame you!

So, even if she’s jealous that Rob chose Kristen over her, she should know that she was never really in the running for Rob’s next girlfriend by her own actions.