Start Are cassie and p diddy still dating

Are cassie and p diddy still dating

They’re should be more mixed people in the industry like her. Log in to Reply CASSIE IS PRETTY, BUT THE BITCH’S CAREER HAS FLOPPED. Log in to Reply OMG why are you going on almost every celeb’s page and writing false information?!?!? Are you just an idiot troll, or are you actually that stupid?

Diddy opted for a black button-down shirt with a chainlink print, which he teamed with matching plain trousers and a pair of shiny black shoes.

A picture of Cassie’s grandmothers can be seen here.

She mentioned her ancestry in a 2008 edition of She’s very pretty. BITCH ONLY HAD ONE HIT, IF YOU EVEN CALL THAT SHITTY “ME N U” SONG A “HIT”. BITCH HAS NOT ONE TALENTED BONE IN HER MEXICAN BODY. The info that is written on her page is correct!!!!!!!!!!

Birth Name: Casandra Elizabeth Ventura Place of Birth: New London, Connecticut, U. Date of Birth: August 26, 1986 Ethnicity: *Filipino (father) *Mexican, African-American, Afro-Caribbean [West Indian] (mother) Cassie is an American R&B singer, actress, dancer, and model. Her mother is of Mexican, African-American, and Afro-Caribbean (West Indian) ancestry.

A picture of Cassie with her mother can be seen here.

Of course, some politicians pointed out the hypocrisy in other politicians honoring Dr.

King while promoting hate, fear, and everything he was against (*COUGH* the President-elect *COUGH*). So, ch-ch-check out the celebratory celeb tweets (below)!!!

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