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Anastasia dating website reviews

Their main objective is to be the mistress to as many men as they can be at the same time and receive monthly money from each man, plus when the man is in country he also pays all the bills For many of these women this takes a lot of planning, she can not have these men running into each other, smile Accuracy of their photos40% look better than their photos if thats possible and 50% look worse and 10% look as shown..

Anyways, I just forgot about it and said whatever, if this company wants to be this complicated over a stupid color then FINE, after I receive my product I just wont order from them again! actually going to Kiev and the women refusing to meet him is all the evidence you need, it's as clean cut as you can get.

AND MAYBE perhaps you guys messed up the first time around too! Marriage/dating websites are owned and operated by Organized Crime as an honest business, which means they pay their taxes and bribes to operate..

BECAUSE why would I order two same color for ONE palette in the first PLACE?!! This is a 2 1/2 billion dollar a year business as near as we can tell..

Quite a few men have been duked out of tens of thousands of dollars talking to these SCAM ARTISTS, then they actually go abroad to visit these SCAM ARTISTS and these SCAM ARTISTS are rude, have very little interest in their VICTIMS and can't wait to leave.


The scams these young girls and women run on the men are between them and the man.

Every female who signs up to be on the websites signs off on an agreement that holds the website operators/owners blameless. Every penny the man spends on the website chatting or buying the female a gift, the woman gets a percentage..

The more expensive video chat may show you a real person at the other end but I am not going to spend $0.80 a minute trying that, knowing that many CAM girls in USA charge much less and entertain much more.