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We'll look at a range of Air Play connection problems in Mac OS X, mac OS and i OS 10 review.

Since I don’t subscribe to a cable or satellite provider, I also wanted to eventually stream movies from my Netflix account to my TV.

My Dell desktop computer is fairly recent, but it did not come with a wireless card.

Choose a single device, or, if you want to send music to multiple locations, click Multiple and check the devices you want to use.

On an i OS device, tap the Air Play button in Control Center, or in a music app, and choose a speaker; you can't stream to multiple targets from an i OS device, however.

If you have an amplifier or receiver that supports Air Play and has an ethernet port, connect it to the network; Air Play works perfectly.

I use the Yamaha R-N301 (£199 on Amazon) connected to my network with a powerline adaptor.

With some amplifiers or receivers, you can buy an optional Wi-Fi adaptor to use them wirelessly.