Start An error occurred while updating the configuration airport express

An error occurred while updating the configuration airport express

Beyond the cool new features, I am glad to see that Time Machine reliability has been addressed for the Time Capsule.

If you do not have the Mobile Me service, you can accomplish the same result by registering your Airport’s public IP address with Dyn DNS or a similar service.

If the Airport is providing NAT services to your local network, you could even set up a computer behind your Airport to automatically update this entry if the public IP address were to change.

In both cases, Air Port Utility will happily allow me to set up the Time Capsule and have it join my existing network.

When I go back and tell Air Port Utility to have it my wireless network, the Time Capsule tries to update itself and then just fails.

I say essentially because based on some carriers newer router-modem combos, you CAN set up the Time Capsule in bridge mode and allow it to work as a repeater (or extend your network.) Often, with the older Time Capsules and many carriers it just becomes a pain & simply doesn't play nice all the time if you do get it to work.

It seemed to me though that wasn't exactly what you were asking to do.

The other advantage of Back to my Mac is that ISP’s often lease out IP addresses for a limited period of time, after which they may change.

Back to my Mac will update the IP address automatically on any change.

It seemed/sounded like you just wanted to take the signal, bounce it to the TC then to the Express.

If that's the case it be done, without any extra purchases.

I am looking forward to trying this new firmware release, and I will let you all know if this firmware update fixes their situation in the comments below.