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Age statistics dating websites

Age is an easy enough thing to fool people on, but just like any other relationship that is formed through “traditional” methods, a foundation of lies isn’t going to create a stable relationship.

Meanwhile, the share of 55- to 64-year-olds who use online dating has doubled over the same time period (from 6% in 2013 to 12% in 2015).

For young adults in particular, this overall increase in online dating usage has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the use of mobile dating apps.

This is likely why the acceptance of online dating is higher now than in the past.

People who are single are finding it difficult to get out into the local scene on their own to meet and greet people.

Social networks and online dating help people to connect quite easily, but they also help to prevent people from letting go of relationships as well.

The percentage of people that use the internet to “check-up” on people from the past has doubled in the last decade.

It seems like online dating sites are popping up everywhere today.