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Analysis of pulse transformer voltage ripple of invert type of modular structure Анатолий Федорович Кадацкий, Александр Петрович Русу, Татьяна Николаевна Ерыкалина, Александр Сергеевич Криль Abstract The mathematical models of voltage ripple in input and output circuits of pulse converters of DC ripple power structure with power channels of the inverting type are obtained and analyzed.

The mathematical model is focused on the power of channels in the boundary mode operation that can reduce energy loss ripple power the transformation.

The mathematical model is generalized to the single-phase and multiphase transformation principles, auto-transformer and transformer connection of storage chokes of power channels.

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The methods and algorithms for calculating the voltage and current ripple in the input and output circuits of these converters are presented. The simulation results of the electrical processes in input and output converters with autotransformer turning of the choke are presented.

A spike is generally oscillatory it rings and decays to the steady-state voltage within 1ms. MIL-STDD states that these spikes occur when ripple power loads are switched, and may occur during events such as sounding the horn, operating the bilge pumps, starting and stopping the engine, or rotating the turret. Figure 1. While that description is useful in understanding a spike, the actual requirements are defined by Figure 2 for generator-only mode. Additionally, in subsection 5.

It was established that the ripple power of multi-phase transformation reduces the magnitude of ripple power fluctuations in the input and output circuits.

This allows developing the converters with improved mass-dimensional and ripple power indicators. Analiz elektricheskih protsessov v MIP postoiannogo napriazheniia pri granichnyh tokah drosselei.

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Electrical processes in pulse converters of modular structure with power channels of step-up type. Popova, 1, 88— Popova, 2, 47— Bacha, S.

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How to measure Power Supply Ripple & Noise?

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