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But South Korea, which is routinely threatened with invasion or even nuclear destruction by its neighbour, denounced the latest test as a “grave provocation”.

But Mr Cottee added: “Underground testing makes it a lot easier to cover their tracks and make it harder for the international community to find out what they’re doing.” The US Secretary of State has added his voice to the chorus of officials expressing their displeasure at North Korea's nuclear test. "We do not and will not accept North Korea as a nuclear armed state, and actions such as this latest test only strengthen our resolve." Josh Earnest, spokesman for President Barack Obama, has disputed North Korea's claim that it had detonated a Hydrogen bomb. is not consistent with North Korean claims of a successful Hydrogen bomb test".

"This highly provocative act poses a grave threat to international peace and security and blatantly violates multiple U. Mr Earnest says the test does not lead the US to believe North Korea has expanded its military capability.

Mr Kim’s regime is now believed to possess up to 20 nuclear weapons – about half of which are loaded onto ballistic missiles.

Last year, North Korea tested a submarine-launched missile and declared its intention of mastering the technology for thermonuclear weapons.

Bombs of this kind, which rely on nuclear fusion, release far more destructive power than other weapons based on a fission reaction.

If North Korea’s claim was true, the country would have joined the ranks of the world’s thermonuclear powers.

'There is no clear or present danger to Kim Jong Un's leadership or regime stability, but if this continues to happen into next year, then we should seriously start to think about revising our scenarios on North Korea,' he added.